Turn that Frown Upside Down!

December 10, 2008

Anna Faris

Anna Faris in 'Smiley Face'

Smoking weed conjures images of lazy couch surfers and video game drones who constantly have the drug-induced munchies. However, for aspiring-actress Jane F. (Anna Faris) in the Gregg Araki flick Smiley Face she believes marijuana can open her mind and get her creative juices flowing.

When she preps for a day full of errands with an early morning bong hit and a dozen of her creepy, skull-fucker roommates THC-laced cupcakes, Jane realizes the ridiculous amount of weed she consumed seems to fuck up her plans, rather than help them. Definition of skull-fucker: A person who fucks skulls when they are angry…yes, it’s quite literal.

Using the concepts of fate and destiny in order to show that her misfortune is really the result of her own bad choices (hence smoking weed), Jane must live with the fact that marijuana is not the preferred drug of choice to kick her into third gear.

She might have been able to successfully replace the “special” cupcakes without her roomie ever being the wiser, not burn down their apartment by shoving four sticks of margarine into a frying pan filled with clumped-up weed or pay her half of the electric bill had she not blown her savings.

To top it off, her dealer (played by tattooed Rastafarian-wannabe Adam Brody) attempts to blackmail her for payment of the weed she partially payed for or he’ll repo her beloved sleep-number bed.

Obviously, she’s going to need help on this journey and Jane seeks the assistance of Brevin (John Krasinski). If she knew what he thought of her behind closed doors, it’s a possibility she wouldn’t have strayed elsewhere for help on this eventful day.

As one of the rare female leads in a stoner flick, Faris proves a natural fit, playing up her monotone voice and laid-back attitude to match the pothead profile perfectly. It’s also a great change of pace to see someone other than Chapelle, Cheech & Chong or Harold & Kumar blaze a doobie on the big screen.

Even if some people say that Smiley Face has somewhat of a anti-drug undertone – Jane is sweet, a little neurotic and a kick-ass chick who just happens to make some pretty stupid decisions when she’s stoned. The effects are often exaggerated, however, some aspects of the film are realistic for a professional pothead.

No one wants to watch a girl eating chips and dip for 90 minutes. She’s got to get up and do some stupid-ass shit. It’s the ganja-induced idiocy that makes a stoner movie work, along with the parties and naked chicks. In this flick, however, Jane’s luck seems to favor hard times and everyone passing her off as irresponsible and ignorant. That’s what you get for doing drugs, sweetie…

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