SYTYCD: Test Dummies & Bollywood

June 14, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo for Fox

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo for Fox

My favorite summer show is back on … I know it’s a reality show, but come on … at least this one has talented people and not a bunch of sluts and douches.

For me, what sets So You Think You Can Dance apart from Dancing with the Stars or America’s Best Dance Crew is that it’s not one-note. There is a wide-range of dances and the majority of them are emotional and exciting to watch. The men of this season have caught my attention … a big shocker, cause most of the time the men are pain-stakingly annoying.
The Top 20 performers have been picked and my Top 3 routines were performed by Kupono Aweau (he’s Hawaiian) & Ashley Valerio, Jason Glover & Caitlin Kinney and Ade Obayomi & Melissa Sandvig.

The contemporary piece performed by Kupono & Ashley was choreographed by Wade Robson and it was sensational. I’ve watched a lot of vlogs about this routine that state the routine was only interesting because it was wierd … and I say, fuck off to that! Yes … it was wierd, but because of that, it could have been extremely easy to be over-the-top and cheesy. They both had remarkable chemistry, kept in-synch the entire time and really captured the characters. The choreography was unusual and fantastic, but the dancers made it mind-blowing.

Jason & Caitlin did a Bollywood routine … which is always high-energy and fun. Jason was a bit stronger with his movements, but the handstand Caitlin did at the beginning showed her strength. I think Bollywood is a real technical dance and the amount of skill these two dancers showcased was phenomenal … especially for the first week.

Ade & Melissa did a contemporary piece from Mandy Moore. I thought Melissa carried the performance … Ade did show a lot of strength with all the lifts, but she was definitely the stronger performer … Nevertheless, they both did a great job. The song choice was cheesy … but, you can’t blame that on the dancers, right?

Brandon Bryant and Phillip Chbeeb both kind of disappointed me during this episode. Since they both have had enormous followings … I expected a lot more from the two of them. Brandon did a Foxtrot … and I was way more impressed with his partner Janette Manrana than him.

With Phillip, I felt the hip-hop routine was extremely well done, however, it felt similar to the ‘Bleeding Love’ routine Mark Kanemura & Chelsie Hightower and ‘No Air’ routine Katee Shean & Joshua Allen performed during the previous season … and those two couples grabbed my attention more than Phillip did.

Overall, for the first show … I think the couples did a spectacular job. I had a really hard time figuring out who was going home because they all stood out in their own distinctive way. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store … They all better bring it!

** Tony Bellissimo & Paris Torres were the first couple to be kicked off the show. They did a hip-hop routine that was a little sub-par compared to the rest of the routines. Personally, I think the decision to put Tony on the show (this year) was a big mistake. In a year, I believe he could have been a great addition to the show and a stronger dancer, but the producers liked his personality too much to let him go. It’s sad … cause I think Paris is very talented and was kind of brought down by Tony … Oh, well … It happens …


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