Broadway is Officially ‘Wicked’

June 17, 2009

Logo for 'Wicked'

Logo for 'Wicked'

Today, I saw the award-winning musical Wicked at the Majestic and I fucking loved it!! That’s right, I didn’t just love it … I fucking loved it! I’ve only been able to see Chicago and The Phantom of the Opera on-stage, but I adore anything that has to do with Broadway. The musical centers around telling the ‘untold stories’ of the witches of Oz.

Since The Wizard of Oz was one of my favorite movies when I was young … should have been the first hint to my parents that I am gay … I was super-excited to see what this was all about since I haven’t read the book by Gregory Maguire entitled “Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West.” Plus, all I had to go off on before the play was a mini-preview on the Internet.

Let’s just cut to the story … Elphaba (later known as the Wicked Witch of the West) was born to the Governor of Munchkinland with green skin and grows up intelligent, insecure, forgotten by her father and a tad misunderstood by pretty much everyone in Oz … Galinda (later Glinda the Good) is a vain, spoiled rich kid reminiscent of an early-Cameron Diaz who befriends Elphaba after a rocky beginning … These two women are the centerpiece for the entire musical.

Other characters include Nessarose (later the Wicked Witch of the East) who is Elphaba’s handicapped sister and is dependent and horribly embarrassed by her older sibling … Fiyero is the love of Elphaba’s life, but a wholesome douchebag before she cuts him down to size … and of course The Wonderful Wizard of Oz who attempts to recruit both Elphaba and Glinda into his evil plans to screw over the animal kingdom … There are other characters, but these are the most important … Just remember this is before Dorothy and Toto make their way to Oz, however, they do make an appearance (kind of) and lines from the movie are hilariously repeated throughout the play.

I was absolutely enthralled by the storyline for the play and the songs were fantastic … My favorites being “Popular” in which Glinda attempts to give Elphaba the She’s All That makeover from geek to chic and “Defying Gravity” where Elphaba becomes The Wicked Witch of the West and pretty much tells the “Wonderful” Wizard to fuck off! Who’s gonna hate that?

Overall, it’s a spin on a classic tale that everybody knows (or should) and if anyone is ever given the chance to see it … they shouldn’t even think twice before dressing up and running off for three hours of laughter, tears and all those good emotions only spectacular shows can produce. Come on, it shows how The Wicked Witch came to be known as ‘Wicked’ … it’s pretty fucking cool!

Elphaba & Glinda in 'Wicked'

Elphaba & Glinda in 'Wicked'


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