Quirky Comedy ‘The Proposal’ is Shocking Hit

June 20, 2009

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal'

Ryan Reynolds & Sandra Bullock in 'The Proposal'

I went to a midnite showing of The Proposal tonight and it was freaking hilarious … I loved it a lot more than I thought I would. Going into the movie … I totally thought that the commercials for the film were going to be the only funny moments … but I laughed the entire way through.

Sandra Bullock plays Margaret Tate (a mega-bitch book editor) from Canada whose Visa gets declined … therefore, she blackmails her slightly pathetic assistant Andrew Paxton (obviously played by Ryan Reynolds) into marrying her. They have to go through immigration, which ends up with the both of them going to Alaska to meet his family.

Alaska is not really the ideal vacation spot for an up-tight New Yorker, but Bullock plays the stuck-up bitch well and I’m thankful the movie didn’t cast some second-rate actress to play a role Bullock mastered. Personally, I believe Sandra Bullock is an under-rated actress … I know she’s done many amazing films, but I don’t think people appreciate or take her seriously as an actress … She was amazing in Crash (a drama) and Miss Congeniality is still one of my favorite comedies. For me, Bullock is in my Top 3 comedic actresses … along with Diane Keaton and Cameron Diaz. I just think she’s great!

Plus, Ryan Reynolds did a fantastic job playing the prodigal son to Craig T. Nelson and Mary Steenburgen … There were a lot of things about this film that worked, however, Betty White truly pulled this film together. The scenes where White and Bullock thank Mother Earth in a tribal dance and Bullock freaks out over a dog and an eagle are spectacularly comical. Oh, and definitely look out for the scene where Bullock and Reynolds run into each other naked … love it!

This is a great chick-flick love story … a film that will make you laugh, but also want to cry at the same time … the acting is phenomenal (for a comedy), the writing is smart and it’s fun to watch in a group full of friends. No doubt, one of the better films of the summer … I haven’t seen Land of the Lost or Year One yet, but this is undoubtedly a match in comedic power for women and (most) men who don’t want to see The Hangover. Go and see it … you won’t be disappointed!


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