‘Year One’ Was Lame for a Jack Black Film

June 21, 2009

Jack Black & Michael Cera in 'Year One'

Jack Black, Juno Temple & Michael Cera in 'Year One'

I had extremely high expectations for this film … mostly cause Jack Black and Michael Cera are hilarious. Sadly … Year One was kind of a letdown. Honestly, I could have waited until the film came out on DVD and got those few chuckles from the comfort of my own couch.

The story follows Zed (Black) and Oh (Cera) as they are banished from their village of savages after Zed feasts on the forbidden fruit from their forest and journey into the biblical world and make their way to Sodom. Nevertheless, on their way to Sodom, they get into contact with their old tribe (their slaves now) and reunite with their love interests Eema and Maya … played by Juno Temple and June Diane Raphael … There are a few bumps and turns when they meet Cain and Abel or Abraham and Isaac and face death or severed penises from their Jewish brethren … but, for me, they could have cut this shit out and had the exact same movie … it’s kind of lame up to this point.

There were a lot of things going for this movie, but it just feel apart within the first half hour … like it really isn’t funny to watch Jack Black touch and eat bear shit, nor is it humorous to see David Cross repeatedly beat Paul Rudd’s head with a rock. Plus, I don’t like watching Michael Cera piss on himself while chained and upside down …

On a positive note, I did enjoy the actors in this film … Jack Black shall always be a comedic genius and Michael Cera balances out the hilarity with his deadpan delivery in jokes, but all the women in this film … including Olivia Wilde as Princess Inanna … was kind of disappointing. Personally, I don’t think women are used well in comedies (especially of this caliber) and the industry needs to re-think their view on the use of women in their films. Like … it’s ridiculous to think the only way a woman can be funny is if she has a banana in her hand or is talking about being a lesbian … but that’s what films like this seem to project onto audiences.

Overall, the film is good for a chuckle here and there, but I wouldn’t really waste another nine bucks to see this again … all the actors in this film can do a lot better … please, don’t settle for this crap.


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