Terrific Show ‘The Unusuals’ Off the Air

June 23, 2009

Amber Tamblyn & Jeremy Renner in 'The Unusuals'

Amber Tamblyn & Jeremy Renner in 'The Unusuals'

This may be old news for some, but since I watch all my television on DVR … it’s news for me … I just found out that ABC is cancelling one of my favorite new television series The Unusuals. To be frank … this fucking sucks! Without a doubt, anytime I get attached to a series that is dramatic, thought-provoking, entertaining or appealing … it gets thrown off the air.

Sadly … the networks care more about promoting crappy reality shows which feature talentless hacks in search of love and their 15-minutes of fame … rather than supporting television series which showcase great acting talent and stories that have the potential to capture the attention of millions … if they were given a chance.

The Unusuals followed the lives of a bunch of odd-ball cops in New York who dealt with the weird and crazy crimes ‘The Big Apple’ offered them. Casey Schrager (played by the amazingly talented Amber Tamblyn) is a vice-detective posing as a hooker one day … then a part of the homicide squad in Precinct 2 the next. She comes to discover that the detectives in Precinct 2 have a strange sense of humor and may be fairly insane. Her new partner, Det. Jason Walsh (Jeremy Renner), is a former baseball player and has a sexual relationship with Det. Allison Beaumont (Monique Gabriela Curnen), Det. Leo Banks (Harold Perrineau) is afraid of dying at 42 (cause that’s when his father died), Det. Eric Delahoy (Adam Goldberg) has a brain tumor but refuses treatment and Det. Henry Cole (Joshua Close) is a reformed Christian with a shady past.

As it is obvious from the previous paragraph … there’s a lot of shit going on here … and for the people who actually enjoyed the show, it sucks that ABC is leaving us with a whole shit load of questions that will never be answered. This show truly grabbed my attention … plus it entertained my entire family … and personally, I can’t name a whole bunch of television shows that everyone in my family enjoyed.

I’m just really sad they are getting rid of this show … maybe this is a warning for me to ignore the first season of a new series and wait to see if they approve the show for a second season before I get attached. I can always watch the first season and catch up on-line … Or, is it possible I’m just putting way too much thought into my television show intake?!?

Whatever … I’m still pissed … fucking ABC and their production of good shows they d0n’t respect.


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