SYTYCD: Dreamcatchers & Ass-Play

June 25, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

This week counts as a massive improvement from last week. I enjoyed the majority of the performances this week and they really stepped up their game … considering last week was such a bummer.

I’m not going to bullshit around, I loved the routines Randi Evans & Evan Kasprzak, Kayla Radomski & Kupono Aweau and Melissa Sandvig & Ade Obayomi performed during tonight’s show.

Evan & Randi performed a routine from Mia Michaels (she’s crazy and brilliant) which focused on Randi’s ass. The dance reminded me of an old Hollywood movie … in the way Randi was Evan’s main desire. I have to agree with Toni Basil (‘Hey Mickey’ girl!) that Mia’s routines can overpower a dancer if their not up to the challange … Luckily, they were both fantastic …

Kupono & Kayla did a Viennese Waltz that was extremely beautiful to watch. I know these routines can be extremely boring, but these new partners did a fantastic job … They did good enough for Mary Murphy to put them on the ‘Hot Tamale Train’ and I think it was greatly deserved. They both kept the flow of the dance throughout the entire routine and had a great connection. If I remembered my dreams, I would want them to be something like this …

Ade & Melissa did a Rumba and this was probably the best routine these two have done thus far … These two have been in my Top 3 every week and I love Melissa (if she doesn’t make the Top 10 I will be pissed!) and Ade is proving to be a force on the show. There’s not a whole lot I can say about this performance … it was sexy, beautifully danced and extremely intimate … What’s not to love?!?

I don’t know which couples are going to land in the Bottom 3, but I have a feeling Jonathan Platero & Karla Garcia will be down there … With a hip-hop routine from Dave Scott that was really lame, they don’t really stand a chance … It’s not entirely their fault … having a gymnast from HSM pretend to be a gangster is not a smart idea. Last week, they delivered a powerful routine and hopefully they stick around …

Phillip Chbeeb & Jeanine Mason performed a Broadway routine … Personally, I believe Phillip is an extremely talented dancer … in his own genre, however, he has not succeeded in any other style. Jeanine has done brilliantly at every challenge thrown at her … I just hope Phillip steps up his game and doesn’t bring her down. I must admit … the jump over the couch was cool …

Asuka Kondoh & Vitolio Jeune did a Jazz routine that was sub-par compared to their Waltz from last week. It was fun to see the two perform to a fast-paced and eccentric routine, but they didn’t really hit it as hard as I thought they could have. Next week (if they make it) they’ll have to prove themselves … or they’ll probably be sent home.

Jason Glover & Caitlin Kinney did a Paso Doble this week. Now, a Paso Doble is supposed to be a dance that is basically a fight to the death … and I don’t think they were fighting, I just think they were acting. They still haven’t really redeemed themselves from the Bollywood routine, however, I believe it’s a step in the right direction.

Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrana also did a hip-hop routine featuring Brandon as a hip-hop star and Janette as a rocker. The costume for Janette was really exciting (like a cross between Cher and Pat Benatar) and she really pulled off everything that was . I’m sure it’s difficult to do the majority of your choreography in a chair, but they both of them

Brandon Bryant & Janette Manrana also did a hip-hop routine feauting Brandon as a hip-hop star and Janette as a rocker. Janette worked with everything that was given to her and her costume looked amazing (like a cross between Cher and Pat Benatar). I think they both did a decent hip-hop routine … I just wish the hip-hop performances were as good as last year.

Nevertheless, I cannot wait to see who lands in the bottom and who saves themselves from elimination … it’s going to be a fun night!

** It’s no surprise that Jonathan & Karla or Asuka & Vitolio landed in the bottom … However, I did not expect Jason & Caitlin to be in the bottom again.

Sadly, Jonathan & Asuka were kicked off today … and I do not believe these two were the worst in the group. I thought Asuka kind of carried Vitolio in the last couple of weeks … Jonathan is extremely talented, but I don’t think he was at the same level as some of the other dancers. Oh, well … Let’s see what happens next week!!


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