SYTYCD: Vampires, Ballet & Aliens Galore!

July 2, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

It’s about fucking time every single act of the night amazed and inspired. I’m going to have a hard time narrowing down people for the Bottom 3 this week, which is always a delight. Personally, I think it is more fun when everyone rocked it out and creates a challenge.
I would have to say that it is too hard to pick out just three performances that were my favorite … Nevertheless, I think Kupono Aweau & Kayla Radomski and Jeanine Mason & Phillip Chbeeb had the two best performances of the night and should not even be considered for the bottom.

Kupono & Kayla performed a contemporary routine from Sonya Tayeh … with an obvious inspiration from True Blood, Twilight and Interview with a Vampire … maybe not the vampire part, but the death aspect that is usually associated with vamps. I enjoyed this routine because of the commitment and technique these two dancers brought to the floor. I think the lines and leaps between the two were spectacular to watch. Plus, it is pretty cool to see a dark side to dance …

Phillip & Jeanine did a hip-hop routine from amazing choreographers Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo … both the dancers were chained together and kind of forced to have synchronicity and rhythm together … Since I have been disappointed with the majority of the hip-hop routines this season, I was pleasantly surprised … The part of the dance where they both popped their chest in and out was enough for me … and the key thing at the end was pretty sweet.

The one couple I believe should be in the bottom is Randi Evans & Evan Kasprzak for their deplorable Broadway routine. They may be in my top dancers, but they screwed up this week …

One couple that has really impressed me this week … to my reluctant admission … is Brandon Bryant and Janette Manrana (they did a Cha-Cha). The routine was brilliant and kept me entertained throughout … while Janette was amazing (as usual), I just wished I liked Brandon as much as everyone else does …

Melissa Sandvig and Ade Obayomi performed classical Ballet from Romeo & Juliet … For me, I have always seen Ballet as boring, but the innocence and energy between the two dancers showed me the great strength and commitment it takes to perform a great Ballet performance. Since Melissa is (I believe) the first Ballet dancer to appear on So You Think You Can Dance, I think they both presented a top-notch performance to solidify Ballet on the show.

Caitlin Kinney & Jason Glover did a pop-jazz routine by Brian Friedman … with Caitlin as an alien and Jason as the last-surviving human on Earth who she has to impregnate. It’s a little unusal and the costume designed for Caitlin looked like a spiky condom, but the performance was a lot of fun and really entertaining to watch. I don’t think this was Friedman’s best routine, but I think it was enough for Cailtin & Jason to redeem themselves.

Lastly, newly paired Vitolio Jeune & Karla Garcia did a Quickstep (which has come to be known as the ‘kiss of death’ for dancers). Personally, I think they did an amazing job with a dance that tends to be on the boring side. The dress change Karla did was unexpected and a great way to change the speed of the dance. I still have a feeling they will land in the bottom, I just hope Karla can survive the cut …

I can’t wait to see what happens during the results show cause I think this week was a fantastic surprise and the dancing was some of the best I’ve seen this season …

** I can’t believe the two couples I said were the best this week landed in the bottom. Kupono & Kayla and Phillip & Jeanine had the most exciting routines … I’m not surprised by Vitolio & Karla being sent home … I really liked Karla, but sometimes talent isn’t enough to keep you alive in a competition … Vitolio I can live without, but I’ll miss Karla … I know, I’m a man-hater.

Next week will probably be the best week of dances … I have come to really like all the couples and I’ll probably be shocked by whoever leaves next week … I can’t wait!


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