SYTYCD: Stolen Hearts & Hippies

August 15, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

WTF?!? The Top 10 are only performing one routine this episode … Being the first week the dancers are paired into new couples, wouldn’t the producers want us (the viewers) to have more to judge the new pairings on? Last season, the couples performed two routines every week after the Top 14 … That is lame SYTYCD!

If they were only going to showcase five routines (plus two group routines) … they all should have been spectacular to watch. Nevertheless, this week probably had one of the best routines out of the season …

Jeanine Mason & Jason Glover performed a contemporary routine choreographed by Season 2 runner-up Travis Wall … and it was beautifully danced. Not only did the routine showcase the strengths of the dancers, but also that of the choreographer. I loved the storyline for this routine … Two lovers fighting for each others hearts eventually making up (and making out) in the end is lovely to watch and I especially loved it when Jason held Jeanine’s leg as she extended her other leg into the air … it truly showed how flexible and strong she is as a dancer … I just loved this routine!

Kayla Radomski & Evan Kasprzak performed a Viennese Waltz which was just that … another fucking Waltz. Don’t get me wrong, I think the Viennese Waltz is a beautiful dance and when done properly can be magical to watch, but this routine was like every other Waltz they’ve done on the show … I must say, I’m getting kind of bored … What’s next?

Brandon Bryant & Melissa Sandvig performed a Broadway routine from the musical Hair choreographed by Tyce Diorio … that had a hippie-esque vibe I really enjoyed watching. Most of the Broadway routines this season have been extremely bland and I am pleased to say this dance was refreshing and enjoyable. I loved the way Melissa and Brandon tangled into each other effortlessly and danced the routine beautifully … Finally, a great Broadway routine!

Randi Evans & Kupono Aweau performed a Paso Doble … sadly, it was kind of lackluster. As I have said before, the Paso Doble is a very intense dance … Unfortunately, I do not believe this newly formed couple had a lot of trust in each other to perform an effective Paso Doble. Plus, that disastrous wig and dress they threw on Randi was horrible … not that it was her fault, but it sure didn’t help … I think they’ll be kicked off … Which sucks cause I really like Kupono and I think the both of them are extremely talented …

Janette Manrana & Ade Obayomi performed a hip-hop routine from Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo where Janette is a stuck-up librarian with no ‘funk’ and Ade is a smooth operator with flows tons of ‘funk’ through Janette with a magical hair pick by stripping her down into colorful, fun stripper attire … Yeah, not the best storyline produced from the notorious couple, but it was a fun routine to watch. Not much else to say … the masters of hip-hop choreography strike again!

Like I said, I have a strong feeling Kupono & Randi will be kicked off this week … We’ll see if my votes for Kupono make any difference. Can’t wait for tomorrow to come …

** As I predicted, Kupono & Randi were kicked off this episode … which is kind of sad, I thought Kupono was kind of screwed from the beginning because he kept getting compared to Mark Kanemura from last season … and Mark was a better dancer … but, Kupono was really good and a lot of fun to watch dance … Randi never had the same following as her previous partner Evan, but she was a much better dancer than him, so it’s sad to see her go as well …

However, I thought the group performance choreographed by Wade Robson was spectacular … probably one of his best and it showcased the entire Top 10 beautifully … I loved the Asian influence and the fact that Melissa got to use her skills in Ballet made it even better … Well, I can’t wait for next week, at least they’ll be performing two routines again … I hope …


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