‘Julie & Julia’ Delightful Summer Film

August 18, 2009

Meryl Streep in 'Julie & Julia'

Meryl Streep in 'Julie & Julia'

Stepping into the theatre I knew I would enjoy Julie & Julia … simply for the fact that the spectacular Meryl Streep is the star and can do no wrong when it comes to cinema. Nevertheless, I was pleasantly surprised by the supporting cast and the fantastic Amy Adams (star of Enchanted and Junebug) in making this romantic-comedy a stand out.

I don’t think Meryl Streep has ever been seen by Hollywood as a huge box-office draw, but her last few summer films including The Devil Wears Prada and Mamma Mia! made over $100 million dollars each … Hopefully, this means America has lost their boner for skanky and annoying actresses who can’t act for those who can actually carry a film.

I don’t want to say this is the best movie of the summer … because it’s not … but, it’s awfully darn cute and fun to watch. The plot follows the lives of Julia Child and Julie Powell. Both from two different time periods and locations, but brought together by a driving force … Food!!

The screenplay is adapted from two different books … The first being Julia Child’s My Life in France … where Child tells about her life before she co-wrote the two-volume French cookbook Mastering the Art of French Cooking with Simone Beck and Louisette Bertholle and became the face of French cuisine on American television.

The other book from Julie Powell adapted from her 2002 blog titled The Julie/Julia Project where she tracked her attempt to cook 524 recipes from Julia Child’s cookbook in one year. This will be the first major motion picture to be adapted from a blog … Pretty cool, right?

I loved the fact that Jane Lynch (notorious for her dry humor) played Julia’s sister with great class and charm … check her out in Role Models or Glee and you’ll see what I’m talking about … I also believe Stanley Tucci and Chris Messina were magnificent counterparts to the two leading women.

While Streep overpowered practically everyone in the film … because she’s Meryl Streep, no doubt … I had a great time watching the film. It’s great to see how two totally different women could be transformed into two different people because of their love and passion for food. Bon Appetit!

Amy Adams & Chris Messina in 'Julie & Julia'

Amy Adams & Chris Messina in 'Julie & Julia'


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