SYTYCD: Tears Fall & Zombies Hip-Hop

August 18, 2009

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

'So You Think You Can Dance' logo

This week showcased a very lackluster episode of performances from the Top 8 … which is lame and annoying for a fan like myself. Obviously, as the competition dwindles, I expect the best routines out of the best dancers … and I really haven’t gotten a whole lot of good from the show this week. It’s sad … cause I expected a lot more from the Top 8 this season.

I do feel, however, that each couple produced at least one great performance this episode … Let’s get into it!

Kayla Radomski & Jason Glover were paired up for a hip-hop routine choreographed by Shane Sparks … Honestly, I haven’t been impressed with Shane Sparks this season, but this has got to be one of my favorite hip-hop routines this season. The premise of the routine is that Jason is a zombie and Kayla is his victim … while the bone-breaking stuff seemed a little odd, I felt they both did a great job keeping synchronized and having fun. I especially liked it when Kayla smeared her eyes … tons of fun.

The couple also performed a Broadway routine from Tyce Diorio … It was definitely one of the best Broadway routines of the season and I loved the old Hollywood feel the couple brought to the dance. Nevertheless, I am a little saddened by the fact the show seems to present Broadway in a boring demeanor … maybe next season’s Broadway routines will be better.

Melissa Sandvig & Ade Obayomi came back as a couple this week and performed one of the most emotional routines of the season about breast cancer. A contemporary piece from Tyce Diorio inspired from a friend with cancer … I believe Melissa & Ade were the only couple who could have pulled off the emotion needed for this piece. Not that the other dancers are bad (cause they’re not) … but, Melissa & Ade have the trust needed for the jumps and lifts. Personally, the look and pain in Melissa’s face made the dance beautiful … a very inspirational and heartbreaking piece from one of the best choreographers.

The couple also performed a Cha-Cha which kind of sucked and was probably one of the worst performances for the couple … Enough said.

Brandon Bryant & Jeanine Mason performed a Pop-Jazz routine from famed choreographer Laurie Ann Gibson. Personally, I was a lot more impressed with Jeanine than Brandon, but they both kicked some serious ass with this piece. I loved the section where Jeanine wrapped herself around Brandon and they stammered forward with Jeanine’s hand in the air … While it’s not the most fast-paced or intricate part of the dance, I loved the intensity and emotion they drew from that one moment before Brandon jumped in the air and Jeanine rolled under him. It’s always nice to have a great routine from a new choreographer …

They also performed a Smooth Waltz which was kind of weak … I expected a lot more from this couple, cause they’re both really good, but I doubt they’ll be in trouble … They have such a huge following.

Evan Kasprzak & Janette Manrana performed a Jazz routine from Sonya Tayeh … I love Sonya’s choreography, but I feel they are all quite similar … just tweaked a little each time with a different story. Nevertheless, she’s very distinct. I really enjoyed the attitude both Evan & Janette had with the piece and their lines and strength were beautiful. Janette was a lot stronger than Evan, but I think they both did a magnificent job with an unusual routine.

The couple also performed a Rumba … I thought Evan was going to bring down this routine for Janette, but he did an amazing job. Personally, I think it is because Janette brought out the sexy Latino in him, but this was probably one of the most sensual and sexy dances of the season. I feel this routine truly showcased Janette’s strengths as a dancer … I can’t wait to see what comes of this episode …

** I can’t believe Janette and Jason were eliminated this episode … I really thought Janette was going to win this season … She was amazing! I felt that the two routines Janette & Evan performed were together better than every other couples two routines. Plus, I thought Jason was one of the strongest men on the show and showcased some of the best routines. They both will be missed … but, I can’t wait to see who takes their spots as front-runners.


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