Drew Barrymore Directs Roller Derby Flick

August 22, 2009

Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page & Kristin Wiig in 'Whip It'

Drew Barrymore, Ellen Page & Kristin Wiig in 'Whip It'

Drew Barrymore makes her debut behind the camera with a fun and modern tale about a young misfit (Ellen Page) who finds solace from her uptight parents and deplorable schoolmates with an Austin roller derby team … also run by Barrymore. I am ecstatic to see Barrymore taking more control in her career … considering she’s been acting for most of her life, I’d say it’s about time she took the wheel and this is definitely a terrific start for a first-time director …

The basic plot follows Bliss Cavender (Page) in Bodeen, Texas, as she runs away from her mother’s pageantry annoyance by throwing on some skates and knocking other bitches down. While some may whine about Page playing the same character in every film (i.e. Juno and Smart People) with dry humor and wit, I feel she’s amazing at what she does and people should just back off.

The film also features Kristen Wiig (of SNL fame), Eve and Juliette Lewis as members of the roller derby team. While I have seen many great performances from Wiig and Lewis, I have yet to really see Eve act in a movie … Nevertheless, I have high hopes for her playing a bad-ass … considering she’s pretty kick-ass herself. Marcia Gay Harden will play Page’s mother in the film … since she’s amazing in everything she does, I can’t wait to see her play a stuck-up mom denying her daughter happiness.

With an all-star cast and Drew Barrymore at the helm, I have no doubt I will love this film … and possibly see it more than once. The main question here is: What’s better than a couple of strong and ruthluess chicks who do tricks and beat the shit out of each other? I can’t really think of anything right now … can you?


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