Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin photograph by Matt Jones

Anna Paquin has got to be one of the most talented actresses of this generation. She may not be conventional or another Disney-tween annoyance, but she’s an actress with potential, vulnerability and range in many roles. From her humble beginnings as a child-star to becoming a full-fledged sex-symbol … I think it’s time to showcase her many impressive feats on the big and small screen alike. Read the rest of this entry »


Well…the Golden Globes are just around the corner ummm…tonight! Yeah, I just got around to posting this…and the awards season is in full effect. As a gay man, I might be pushing the stereotype that we are all movie buffs and throw Oscar parties, but I honestly don’t give a shit, because I love the fucking cinema!

Since boredom bears upon me easily, don’t expect a full list of every category, cause this ain’t the Oscars, bitches.

Anne Hathaway in 'Rachel Getting Married'

Anne Hathaway in 'Rachel Getting Married'

Best Actress-Drama

I’m freaking ecstatic about Anne Hathaway getting nominated for Rachel Getting Married, not only because she is one of my favorite (new) actresses, but she actually delivered a beautiful performance in this seriously emotional flick. Since I haven’t even seen I’ve Loved You So Long (hence no one else has), for which Kristin Scott Thomas was nominated, I’ve got to say Kate Winslet will take the gold for Revolutionary Road, in which she reunited with hunky Titanic-lover Leo DiCaprio. Yeah, you remember the whole nude drawing and fucking in the car with the handprint…Got to love it! Meryl Streep (Doubt) and Angelina Jolie (Changeling) were also nominated in this category, but they have enough awards…share the wealth, you talented bitches!

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