Poster for 'New Moon'

Poster for 'New Moon'

Don’t worry Twilight fanatics … Kristen Stewart shall stop her supposed lesbian love scenes as Joan Jett and come back as Bella Swan to reunite with her hunky vampire beau Robert Pattinson (a.k.a. Edward Cullen) for filming of the next movie in just over a month. Excited?!? Read the rest of this entry »

Lady GaGa

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta a.k.a. Lady GaGa

Two thoughts that popped into my mind after I saw Lady GaGa for the first time on So You Think You Can Dance last year was that she looked like a plastic surgery replication of Christina Aguilera … However, I also believed she would burst into the limelight because of her unique style and oddball tendencies … Different is definitely refreshing in today’s music industry. Read the rest of this entry »

Anna Paquin

Anna Paquin photograph by Matt Jones

Anna Paquin has got to be one of the most talented actresses of this generation. She may not be conventional or another Disney-tween annoyance, but she’s an actress with potential, vulnerability and range in many roles. From her humble beginnings as a child-star to becoming a full-fledged sex-symbol … I think it’s time to showcase her many impressive feats on the big and small screen alike. Read the rest of this entry »