Mock set-up

Drawing of Heidi & Spencer from

I do not understand why these two disgusting body sacks are even allowed on television. They are officially done with I’m a Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!, though I’m unaware of why they were even given a chance to return to that poor excuse of a reality show.

Now that they returned and left the show (again) Heidi is at the hospital with a gastric ulcer from their “isolation” as punishment for leaving the show … which was characterized as the same as “Guantanamo Bay.” I’m sure the prisoners really appreciate the comparison …

Oh, and now, they are suing NBC over what has happened … seems to me like they are fishing for more money. It may be mean, but I’m just fed up with everyone giving these “celebrities” more than their 15 minutes of fame.

Their whole spiel on how they are both huge celebrities and too good for the show is ridiculous … You douches were on some crappy MTV-scripted reality show that no one really even cared about. You’re neither talented in voice or acting ability and the majority of people in the business think you’re a fucking joke. Please, stop wasting my time and just disappear back into normality.

By the way, I applaud Janice Dickinson for saying Heidi sounded like a drowning cat when she sang, but why on Earth did you apologize?!?

**Watch the NBC Today Show clip where Al Roker totally rips into Heidi and Spencer for being the poster children for everything that is wrong with celebrities today … Love it, you rock Roker!